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Joel Plaskett - Song for Jersey lyrics

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Nature is a mother, Liberty's a lady

Winner is an old man, this world's crazy

Johnny was a shoemaker, Benny had the jets

Sandy was a hurricane, look at she wrecked

Walkin' through the darkest night

Searchin' for the light of day

If you wanna take a left, make sure you got the right away

Watchin' fuzzy TV, workin' on a tune

Woop one at the Belvedere and played it at the close(?!)

If you miss your neighborhood, if you're broken hearted

Sell the world with greater good and leave your love unguarded

If you got a handgun in your glove compartment

Should I be calling shotgun or the police department?

You've got the right to bear arms

I've got the right to bear free

I don't want a pair of shoes, a pair of socks

A pair of keys, when it was a gorgeous day

Just a little windy, if I meet a gorgeous babe

Can I call her Cindy?

Shoulda gone outside, seein' with my buddy Peter

Stayed inside my hotel, I go, we're nocturnal creatures(?!)

I've got a little boy and all my songs are silly

If I'll have another son, I might name him Philly

Darling, love was great last night, got a love legend

These are things I think about when life is too depressing

Hope they change your gun laws, got 'em with Shawn Candy

If I have a little girl, I will name her Sandy

Dear Lord, I'm the anderen, I don't know how to stop it

If you buy my compact disk, this song might be on it

I'm really diggin' Jersey, this is the song I wrote you now

Gettin' on a plane and going back to Nuevo Scotia

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