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Joel Plaskett - Captains of Industry lyrics

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Flood light shine from motion detectors

They know that we're out here, they know that we're out here

The truth is a mine field and they're the defectors

They know that we're out here

Beyond the frame and outside the margins

Don't know where we're goin', but I know that we're gone

We scour the city, the streets and the gardens

And everything's wrong


The captains of industry are driving us home

Selling us lies and tapping us tapping our phones

Shaking us down and we don't even know it

If you want real luv, show it! (x2)

(Verse 2)

Some people got luck, some people got money

Some people get stuck, a stick in the spokes

If you got nothing, they look at you funny

Ah, this ain't a joke...


(Guitar solo)

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