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Joel Plaskett - Broke lyrics

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Jingle jangle, pocket full of metal

Johnny's in the basement cooking hooking up the kettle

Thinking to himself he's happy just to settle for less

He's a mess

Jenny, Jenny, a plastic bag of pennies

Roll 'em in brown paper, turn 'em into 20

Walkin' to the bank, she's knockin'

Is there anybody here? Have I made myself clear?


I'm broke, I know I'm broke

But I'm not broken

I'm broke, I know I'm broke

But I'm not broken

(Verse 2)

Sharlene, Sharlene, everybody's darling

High on something heavy, she's flying like a starling

Coming down the stairs, she's tripping through a chemistry class

Life's a blast!

Billie's down from Sidney, and Danny's looking handsome

Stumblin' down Portland, holdin' it for ransom

If you got a loonie, he'll tell you the dirtiest joke

Hey, man, can I bum a smoke?

(Chorus x2)


You never see the world, you always see the skies

You're landing on the moon, or standin' at the bar

It's four in the morning, I don't know who I am or who you are

(Verse 3)

"Last chance" (Landlord), written on a closet

Picking up the weekly, making a deposit

Walkin' from the bank while you're headin' for the national exchange

Goddamit, this world is strange

(Chorus x2)

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