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Joel Plaskett - AlrightOK lyrics

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You can cry ,or cry me a river

Knocked on my door

With a message to deliver

Tell me something I don’t know

I close my eyes

I sleep on the pillow

And someone dies

Blow him a kiss and say bye bye friend

You never coming back again

But that’s alright

That’s okay

That’s the price you pay

When you roll

You gonna come back

So you roll on the train on a one way track

I lost my way when I lost my love

Couldn’t make sense for the stars above

She’s a little different than I’m thinking of

And she’s never coming back again

When she said goodbye

The words came quick

She spit on my past and I felt so sick

Now there is nothing in this magic trick

Because she’s never coming back again

But that’s alright

That’s okay

So Johnny Mitchel sounds coming out of the speakers

Going to the shop for a new pair of sneakers

Then I’m gonna take a walk

Let’s ride


Sneakers worn out

My guitar broke

Sometimes life puts a stick in your_____

Everybody that I’m liking a joke

But I’m telling it like it is

I’ll be hanging from the benches of the family tree

Now I look like my daddy

And my daddy looks like me

I don’t care what the anthem says

But that’s alright

That’s okay

I lost my man when I lost my ____

Got to get on the road

Got to get gone

Ain’t got a clue how to get back home

I guess I better ask at the bar

Au revoir

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