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Jeremy Camp - I Will Follow (You Are With Me) lyrics

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Though the desert be before me & there's no relief in sight

Though the enemy is breathin', all the lies into my mind

You will always carry me! Until my dyin' days

What You have for me is worth it cuz I'll see You face to face!


I will follow, follow You whereva You go

And I will listen to the very promises I know

You are with me always with me, keeper of my soul

I will follow, follow You whereva You go

(Verse 2)

And the day is comin' quickly when, You break open the sky

And the armies all around You will be conquerin' the night

You gather all the children that are callin' out Your name

When the troubles are the here and now, I know it's not in vain



You have my heart

I'll follow all the way


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