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Jeremy Camp - I Am Nothing lyrics

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I'm always in this place, Where the things I seem to take, Are the things I wish would fade I always purpose in my heart, To do things the right way, Then I realize I'm still clay And this piece that's being shaped, Will be a beauty you create [CHORUS] I am nothing without your love I'm unworthy but your death has been enough I'm completed by your touch, But I feel like I've been given so much and I thank you, I thank you I wouldn't even face, All the troubles of the day, If it wasn't for your grace Sometimes I even wait, To see if I'm awake, Seems so good I can't relate Tour every word I crave, And I'm grateful for every breath I take When I'm feeling all my shame, You won't let it stay, I sail away into your love I'm taking every day, To give my life away, It's the only way I know

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