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Jeremy Camp - Finally Home lyrics

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I will be dancin' free

Unashamed before my King when I am finally home,

Won’t need no bed to sleep, I have too much to see

Just starin' at Your throne


Eyes were fill with tears of joy

Your fullness I will know


I will be foreva runnin' free

Movin' to all Heaven’s melodies

Colors that I’ve neva seen

Bigger than my wildest dreams

We’ll be together when I’m finally home

(Verse 2)

Head first into Your luv

I’ll neva get enough of what You have to show

And that’s just the beginnin'

In Your river I’ll be swimmin' & the waters neva cold


Every tribe and every nation

Shoutin' out Your name



You and I will be togetha

With a love that lasts foreva

And I know there’s nothin' betta

We will be foreva runnin' free


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