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Jeremy Camp - Can’t Be Moved lyrics

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I can’t lean on the earthly things cuz it’s broke & gon' fade

& I can’t stand on the dirt below cuz this dust gon' blow away

You say, hey now, follow Me, gon' go to the promise land

You say, hey child, don’t forget that the Lord is comin' back


When everythin' in this world is fallin'

We have a Kingdom that can’t be moved

People get ready Heaven is a-callin'

We have a Kingdom that can’t be, can’t be moved!

(Verse 2)

When the waters rise, don’t be surprised

When the force tries to pull you in

We’ll be found on the solid ground

Won’t be no slave to sin


(Verse 3)

You say, hey now, trumpet sound

All the saints gon' board the train

You say, hey child, don’t you fear

What’s dead is gon' rise again!



Truth be told, silver & gold

Ain’t where my treasure’s found

So when I die, gon' open my eyes

With a different kind of crown


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