House Of Lords

House Of Lords - Stand And Deliver lyrics

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Aw, baby, oh, yea yea yea yeah!

I'm here


I see you looking for the woman you were

I see you looking for the things in your hands

So bring it back, bring it back to me

I'll give you all you got, all of your rage

I'll give you all you got locked in the cage

Mama said, mama said her _____(?)

(Pre-Chorus 1)

I can't take this Savior

Who thinks of changes

And tell the people how to feel

I need the rebel who saw the devil

And whispered to him over here


Dad, take this pain away!

I get up! Stand and deliver

Dad, there's no time to waste

I get up, stand and deliver

(verse 2)

I used to see it as a game of come take

I need a favor, got no trouble to make

But here I go in another life

After today we turn a ___(?) in a fight

If I give, I can't see from a ride

With the help, with the help of _____(?)

(Pre-Chorus 1)



I'm missing your insanity, you got me begging please

Get up! Stand and deliver!

(Guitar solo)

(Pre-Chorus 2)

Show me the madness that in a bad mess

I can turn desire into love, oh yeah

And won't you twist it in a sadistic

And now's it's, now it's coming to an end, aw!


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