House Of Lords

House Of Lords - 100 MPH lyrics

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They said it's different but don't you get it

It makes you drive the stand of life

In your head, admit it, anything does intensified

You're standing still but still it moves you


But I'm not going anywhere

Cause to me it's like a dare


I wanna go like it does, wanna leave

Of the _____(?), forget who I am

I wanna soak up each burst

Wanna feel all my missed powers

I wanna go 100 miles an hour!

100 miles an hour!

(Verse 2)

The city's merciless, yeah, I love it

It takes, takes some till you're killed

Cuz you're even shuddering, it's a challenge to

Keep up and live, one day and night it tries to kill you



(Guitar solo)


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