Halestorm - Sick Individual lyrics

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Well, u think that u know what I am but u don't

Cos' I say what u can't & I do what u won't

I like it loud really proud like a crown upon my head

I'll always be this way til' the day that I'm dead


Cos' I'm a sick individual & I'm doing this thing

Called whateva the fuck I want, want, want, I'm unusual!

Ain't takin' no shit, goin' to drink this sip 'till I'm gone, gone, gone

I'm livin' it up, not givin' a what

I'm livin' it up, not givin' a what, sick individual

& I'm doin' this thing called whateva the fuck I want

(Verse 2)

Would u like to know what I do if I got u alone

Would I sigh would I beg would I see what I know

I don't talk the talk cause I walk the walk & I shake it for u just like this

Singin' la da-da-dala-da-da-da singin' kiss I need a list



So come a lil bit closer, baby

'Cause I'm wantin' u

So what are u goin' to do

Come a lil bit closer, honey

Goin' to have my way with u!

(Chorus x2)

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