H2BDannyYoung - This Morning. lyrics

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I wake up with scruffy hair

And I like to skip the shower

I eat my Kellogg frosted flakes

And myspace for an hour

When its time for work I slack

Cause I really hate that place

My boss just likes to piss me off

And get up in my face

When I come home all I want to do

Is rest and take a drag

But my wife's home too so all I can do

Is listen to her nag

Its time for bed but I'm playing games

Because I'm really not that tired

Who the hell's calling me this late

It's my boss; **** I've been fired

Now I have nothing to do

But screw with Fruity Loops all day

I'll rap about my 45 glock

And my thuggish ruggish ways<br />

<br />

Thanks to Anna

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