Dutch Uncles

Dutch Uncles - Upsilon lyrics

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The notion of the polygons believe get splitter innocent, my innocence

Don’t deluce your kiss, return,

Lay right back, I’ll put you on

Is a boy and I take soldiers this soldiers eyes

Hooked up on that TV life

And it’s a flame in time, the center made tonight, tonight

Some people talking mystery some flat and miller infancy

Is it faith?

Holyday been not that grey

Close mistake, let’s make it less my ranger

Make it less my tune

Rocking you my hero, rocking you my song


Speaking of the jango, speaking of the tune

Rocking my hero, rocking you my fine

And I’m fine with this life, no more confine

Thinking of a place to ride, a good place

The good dear, my state of mine

A selfish thing to do, bizarrely, there’s no one I could use

And it’s calling to state us


Fucking you my hero, fucking you my fine


Deep in my world I can live, there in the night of my prayers x 3

Rather denied, can’t exist

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