Dutch Uncles

Dutch Uncles - Drips lyrics

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(Intro x2)

It's the rite of spring that tries

It thrusts your dreams to months(?!)

And makes you more of greed

Than your wailing sea


But tell me who does it like that?

To let me in, and talk about this

And talk love, and let you down?

You've been a saint(?!) to come around

Now that I've got that good

Baby, and others just would

I'm a bit older, the feelings go boulders

I'm getting horny tonight

Cuz I can be someone in no-one's eyes

That's the kind of surprise I'm like


And who does it like that?

To be the bad and let you down

You've been a saint for coming back

You need a bath, I'll help you out

You tell me, who does it like that?

To keep you anyhow

Tell me who's disgusting and true

Keep you anyhow

(Verse 2)

God loves me, I'll have to move(?!) surely

If one thing defines, then it's this right now

Oh, should have not been so deserving in kind

You could be with someone who's got better pride

Could it be me? Oh, yeah! Look at me!

Give me the drips, I will see, I will see


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