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Dutch Uncles - Don’t Sit Back (Frankie Said) lyrics

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It must be a hard time

A thousand people struggle,

Never known like that and does that fact make eme scream

I can’t decide what makes me want to live

Every time I’m just somebody son

Equivocal not, but chasing on my menace

The race on every sun


So what’s your piece of mine?

Waiting for

Didn’t fake and say

It was alright

You’ve been caramelize the crème

As long as you have known


Cuz nothing is the night

The Frankie said that is was alright, it was alright

And does that fact make me heal?

It make me does but is every one, I guess my love

I gotta know



[Don’t sit back got for a watch and hide from

You’ve got to reach out to let hurt someone] x 3

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