Dutch Uncles

Dutch Uncles - Be Right Back lyrics

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You talk about it

Reason of the ground

Such a strongly and sophisticate now

I work hard these days for what you had to have

Just doing bad things, I can’t predict all that


You said : I know it, I think I know it

You said he knows that is there

Is coming back, is coming back and said

You say you’ll be right back but you didn’t


But you didn’t

So I wait you, I see no escalades

Maybe it’s a stare case, bring fire rexing

It’s what it takes to get there and if you down it could be more expensive

Just take a look around

You can see that you make it


If that’s a cold case, a reason of the grind

You say: My dear should love you anyhow

You good people, can you see throw it?

And so you must define, how will you spending with?



That cold key, a strange to be found,

To judge each other, the color and the sound

You good people staying off the grass

But could I beat thou?

Believe in all your chance

(Bridge) x 5

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