DJ JS-1 - Klick Clique lyrics

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Click, click,click

Click, click,click,click


Click ,click real quick

Let me show you how it’s real quick

Click, click

You’re growing up real quick


You’re trying to find you real click quick

Real quick

Besides, the truth comes real quick

Click, click

Your man, yeah he’s real quick


You got gas real quick

And get that cash real quick

Click, click

Click ,click

You’ve been had very quick

You need your mom

You need your dad, real quick

Click ,click

Rappers sound real slick

Spittin’ their rap real quick, click,click

But let’s slow it down real quick,

Click, click

Look around real quick

Who got your back real quick


I spit this rap real quick

You need a critic real quick


Let me howl at you really quick

They’re throwing dollars at you real quick

Click, click

Cause they want you to be down with their click,click

But when the door close, click

You can’t get out of there click

You see what independent is real about

Now a click and I’m out

Click, one day you just click


Every mob squad to click

To gather around in circle

Click, clap

Clack, click

Your jam shit

Click your remote

Click the revolver

If you ain’t clickin’

You ain’t fittin’

Then depict the results


Started off real criminal mind

Taken by any means necessary

Design the blue print


Click in the name

Then click in the game

When it's all said and done,

Name a clique that remain

I came in thick with my clique

I'm dipping the same

Picture this

Tom ,Chris, then bring in the frame


Keep moving

Click, click


Click, click



Click, click

Click, click

Click, click

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