Dance Gavin Dance

Dance Gavin Dance - Variation lyrics

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Feel the misery

We take our time

Ignoring either signs

Living empty and without a light

Everybody can take it and see the light

We have enough time to fall back

Have you done with your decision?

And you ‘ve got in self detention

Under the rush of the moment

You prepare yourself

You can tell the world

You are waiting for a sign

You have to save yourself

You’re scared and you’ll break yourself

We have to rest it

You know it’s sacred

Now I’m taking it

Cause it’s all about me right now

Make up your mind

With the time

Time is enough to decide

You knew it takes a while

I might consider it’s catching up

It’s getting too heavy for both of us

You don’t want it

You know what the senses are becoming now


I’m by myself

Something’s wrong

Or something’s right

I know it’s taking enough within this time

I have a feeling

Cause I’m by myself

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