Dance Gavin Dance

Dance Gavin Dance - Shark Dad lyrics

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It’s like never even happened

And never come to notice the silence

You frozen all connections

Now I can find the person that was you

Ooh no, I can remember the leads the leaves were bounce to change

I loved you in the summer,

The leaves were bounce to change

Why can I seem to find my mind?

The time is almost dying

It’s wide, I’m fried and die inside

It’s deep and broke you up

Well I stop, really stop that fedy

Ran outside to waste his cares if I had faster, then I'm spared to sleep instead of suck

Maybe it's time to quit the game

It wasn't me, the world is drunk

I'm a piston on a mission, pumpin’ out my guts

She said I wasn’t something like a barely end of waller

Run away, try all and get all the results

I rustle like shut ‘em down and bite all that more that I could show

Look around and get deception, now I were that cage

Knock you out on battle cage, thinking out loud and I’m faded a lot

Thinking all long, might faded all like

Relay on and progress, lied it on top

I ain’t trapped it up, they have trapped just in cage

The party just spread it on

They want to shine, they want to shine x 2

It’s all you get

Looking like a shadow of what you were

I can see you solo

Shining in the moment, when you turn around,

Turn around, turn around, turn around my word

Shining in the moment, hit me with the coat on

I’m alone x 2

Without you girl

Hold me down girl, x 2

Hard will go simply, will be great out sinking

Just keep beating and trust

Blow on wide throw the chase

Let’s go, talk to me now

Rush, rush, you make all the run

As I ball the bouncing


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