Dance Gavin Dance

Dance Gavin Dance - Awkward lyrics

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I’ve got style, I work harder that anyone

And I can do it while I’m having fun

I’mma get, I’mma get, I’mma get, get better

I wanna be, I wanna be somebody

I’m gonna be somebody x 2


Now, now slow your roll,

Keep your head low

Your life is a joke, don’t make this awkward

Lay back in the fold

Can make it loud

You too fucking old

Don’t make this awkward


Now I’m back, I gotta little before from my soul

And start dreaming, I can’t hold

My jewelry find will keep my feet on the groand and my head up on the clouds

Show me how to talk to my soul

And who knows what I’ll be without you



Cry, mine is mine, I clamp my head at the crease of a familiar smell

I chop that tree like a thief

I chop the value smell, I think I say it again

Affair everything will make you hit you faster

Said I flex you right before I start

I claim, claim back and bad

I shut right to that ground

Say it what everyone will shot

We take all relative made, x 2

It’s swiping adrenaline and all the edges will shot out yours

We getting instrumental floor

And afraid we just got it with your arm

Am I fool not to ride?

You make a thief in my lungs

How can I trust?


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