COLDPLAY - Everglow lyrics

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Ft. Gwyneth Paltrow


We see people coming, see people go

This particular timing is extra special

I know u might be gone

And the world may not know

Still I see u celestial, like a lion u ran

Goddess he wrote, like an eagle u circle

Perfect of all, so how come things move on?

How come cars don’t slow?

When it feels like the end of the world

When I should but I can’t let u go


But when I’m cold, cold

When I’m cold, cold

There’s a light that u give me

When I’m in shadows

It’s a feeling of eva, everglow

(Verse 2)

We’re brothers in that, the sisters u write

When we stroll on that land, we’ll be friends ‘til we die

With the changing of winds & the way waters flow

Life is shortest in fall, in the snow

I know I’m going to miss u, I know

(Chorus 2)

But when I’m cold, cold, yeah, all alone, the sun

And I know that you’re with me

And the way u show, when you’re with me whereva I go

But u give me this feeling, it’s everglow


Oh, what I would give for just a moment to know

Yeah, I live for this feeling, it’s everglow

So if u luv someone, u should let them know

Oh, the light that u left me will everglow

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