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Charlie Puth - Up All Night lyrics

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Well I get the thrill run down my spine

When I see u hittin' me up

Feelin' so electrified

With the heat of a million suns

U know just one touch can keep me high

And I think I'll neva come down

Till a couple days go by

And you're nowhere to be found


Up all night, up all night

All the things that u said to me yesterday

Playin' ova in my mind

It's a crime, it's a crime

How you're reelin' me in with the games u play

Then u hang me out to dry

(Verse 2)

So I try to shake u out my head

Try to dance with somebody new

But u got those lips so red

And that smokin' voice, u do

So I know it's pointless anyway

Cause there ain't nobody else

That could light me up so bright

And break this crazy spell



If I wait a lil longer

Then maybe you'll come back around

Wait a lil longer

Then maybe you'll be ready now

Cause I would wait foreva

For u to fall back into my arms

So come on

(Chorus Variation)

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