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Charlie Puth - Suffer lyrics

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Baby you, you can blow my mind

You’ll tell me wait, wait on you

But baby I can’t wait all night

I go through pictures inside my phone

Won’t stop temptin’ me

You know what I want

I wanna make, wanna make love

Girl I can’t lie


I’m just a sucker

For cold hearted lover

You make me suffer x 2

Don’t keep me waitin’

You should come over

Don’t make me suffer x 2

(Verse 2)

So here we go, go again

It’s like I’m caught under your spell

You’re wearin’ black, black magic

Well baby don’t wear nothin’ else

Well I open up this door, don’t you play?

Ain’t no other man goin’ to make you feel the same

Wanna make, wanna make love

Girl I can’t lie



I hate when

You get your way

But we love, we love you baby

So please don’t ever changed

You make me suffer baby

Woah, woah, uuh, woah


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