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Charlie Puth - Over lyrics

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I heard you slam the door

And fall right to the floor

You kept on crying

That look upon your face

Doesn't cover up

What's under lying.

Seeing you like this

Makes me wanna die.

We lie beneath the stars

Just two foolish hearts

Familiar faces.

Now I lie here all alone

Sitting by the phone

There's too much space here.

Oh baby, come back and stay with me

Cause it's not over

Please don't say it's over.

Cause it's not over

To me, to me, to me

It's never over to me.

My heart,

My heart

Is your's

Is your's

For yesterdays and for taking it

My heart is broken

You`re all that I need

Just don`t forget about me

Don`t forget about me (repeat)

Cause letting you go hurt me

Cause this is not over

Please don`t say it`s over

Cause this is not over

To me, to me, to me

Ever over you and me.

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