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Ben Howard - Esmerelda lyrics

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Oh Blinding, Now I seeI could not hold you.My orange tree lived in the darkened roomfrom three words to share.Maybe you were free before my blackened wing covered youI took the sing from your songI made a bed where you don't belong.Call me (Let go of me?)She fell beneath the wheels to help me upBlack sea, I failed to be a light you found aloneHold me, She fell beneath the wheels to help me upBlack Sea, the monster killed the melody of love. And now I'm going places on my ownBlinded, now I see the death, moves amongst usand with such ease surround usThese silent beasts so hard to bare.Lonely, oh no not meI have a grave to digFast moving feetYou gave me light where it once was goneI made a bed, where we don't belong.

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