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Barry Manilow - Why Don'T We Live Together lyrics

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Why don't we live together

Only the two of us, we'll learn to trust

Don't have to say forever

'Cause we know the rain could start

and break our hearts

But we'll never find the future if we hesitate

We'll spend our life waiting

Why don't we live together

taking it day by day we'll find a way

To build us a dream that's better

And still have our wings to fly if love should die

Can't spend our life rehearsing all these lines of love

It's time to raise the curtain

Why don't we live together

whether loves lives or dies

At least we know we tried

We've both been burned before

But now we know this love is sure

And there'll be no more sorrow

This love is burnin' bright it lights up tomorrow

Why don't we live together

takin' life's rocky ride

Side by side

Sailin' thru stormy weather

Searchin' for sunny skies with open eyes

Sharin' the tears and the laughter is the only way

We'll find the love we're after

Why don't we live together

Whether love lives or dies

at least we'll know we tried

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