Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow - What Am I Doin' Here lyrics

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What am I doin' here

Alone in this lonely house

This house that we dreamed about

This house we shared till you walked out

What am I doin' here

This place ain't no good for me

It just brings back memories

And the last things I need is memories

I should be movin' on

Wath am I doin' here

Now that you've really gone

Why can't I dry these tears

But oh, the years we had

Here is this house that we both loved so madly

I've never been like this

Just livin' in yesterdays

But there´s so much I miss

And so much that I still can't face

If there´s a chance for me

I just can´t see it now

All I see is what can´t be

And all I see is no way out

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