Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow - The Old Songs lyrics

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Candles burning

Glasses are chilled and soon

She'll be by

Hope and pray

She'll say that she's willing to give us

Another try

And if all those plans I've made

Don't melt the lady's heart

I'll put on the old 45's

And maybe the old songs

Will bring back the old times

Maybe the old lines will sound new

Maybe she'll lay her head on my shoulder

Maybe old feelings will come through

Maybe we'll start to cry

And wonder why

We ever walked away

Maybe the old songs

Will bring back the old times

And make her want to stay

It's been too long since i've

Seen her face light up

When I come home

It's been too many

Hours I've wasted staring

At the phone

Sweet old songs I'm counting on you

To bring her back to me

I'm tired of listening alone


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