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Barry Manilow - Paradise Cafe lyrics

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The night is new

The faces are friendly

So have a few

And let me play

Some new songs, some blue songs

The mood is always right

Every night at the Paradise Café

The world outside

May make its own madness

But here we hide

The world away

No headlines, no deadlines

We'll make them disappear

While you're here at the Paradise Café

The room is kinda smokey

The phone ain't workin'

The same old broken keys don't play

But no one seems to mind it

'cause someone's buyin'

And we'll all get through one more day

Just me and you Around the piano

Not much to do But dream away

So stay on I'll play on

I'm all yours for a song

All night long at the Paradise Café

Forget the one who loved you

Then lied and left you

Forget the love you almost had

But if you must remember

The way it left you

We'll make it feel good to feel bad

Just me and you Around the piano...

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