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Barry Manilow - Only In Chicago lyrics

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I went back

Yes I went back to find out

What we did wrong

and I went back

yes I went back to see just

how we could feel so good

in Chicago we seemed to have it all

it was real, it was real

I went back

And I sat by the lake

And looked at the stars

And oh I swear

I remember how much we laughed

And I loved you so

In Chicago I know we had it all

It was real, it was love

Only in Chicago

Love is in the air in Chicago

There's a magic there in Chicago

Our Chicago

Baby, you and I, we tried to take it with us

But you can't go back

‘cause I went back to find out

what we did wrong and now I see

that it wasn't just you

it wasn't just you it was in Chicago

but I'm still in love with you

only you only you, but only in Chicago

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