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Barry Manilow - Night Song lyrics

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The city is singin' its night song

A city of shadows and fading starlight

Mixed with bar light


The empty streets echo the night song

A melody I used to think was only for the lonely

Night song I hear you

Now as the night disappears

But this time your blues

Is music to my ears

The rumble of a train

The rustle of the wind

The rhythm of the footsteps

The blarin' of a horn

The murmur of a voice

The echo of a siren

Night song!

You used to find me cryin' in my beer

Now you remind me tomorrow she'll be here

She'll be here!

Oh, night song

You sing of a train from New Orleans

And deep in the music I hear her hummin'

Now she's comin' home!

The city is singin' its night song


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