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Barry Manilow - Learning to Live Without You lyrics

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<b>Learning to Live Without You</b> by <i>Barry Manilow</i><br />

And so I make the bed

And set the clock and lock the door

There's things I still forget

The little things you did before

I still can't fall asleep

And I still don't understand

But I'm learning to live without you

And I'm doing the best I can

I'm going out again

And spending time with friends you knew

I'm laughing now and then

And trying things you tought me to

I miss you just as much

And I wish I loved you less

But I'm leaning to live without you

And I'm doin ok I guess


I'm stronger every day

I may not look that way right now

I don't what to say

It's harder than I thought somehow

I know that I'll get by

And I know it just takes time

But this leaning to live without you

God it's driving me out of my mind

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