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Barry Manilow - And What Do You See? lyrics

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Every day

As I sit and stare through my window

I look out

At a world that's tearing apart

This is what I see

And what do you see?

Time goes by

And the times get worse

Through my window

Still I watch

As the madness darkens the heart

This is what I see.

And what do you see?

Tell me how do we live in a world

That is crumbling away--

And be happy

As we are today?

Still I watch

As I pin my hopes on the future

Still I wait

Wond'ring what in heaven will be--

Is this an ending

Or a beginning

That I see?

And what do you see?

And at times it appears that our happiness

Hangs by a thread

Can we hold on

Through what lies ahead?

People say

I should turn away

From the window

All the worry

In all the world doesn't pay

And still I wonder

What kind of future

Starts this way?

For you...

And me....

And what do you see?

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