As It Is

As It Is - Turn Back To Me lyrics

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The memories are still so bright but I keep the curtains drawn

I've neva been like this

Or am I just, romanticizin' a person that's gone

I can only take so much before I spill my guts

But I'm terrified of lettin' u see what I'm thinkin'

But u left before I could

And if I could choose, I would

Cos' my mind's a frightenin' and lonely place I can't escape at night


U dropped yoself away

Time makes yo dreams come true

I hoped that u would stay

Miles mean nothin' to u (come back to me)

It's all my fault and I know it (come back to me)

It's all my fault and I know it

(Verse 2)

I know that I deserve to be alone

I wrote myself out of yo story

And I know I made it seem like I neva cared at all but I swear

I was always tryin'

This was hard when u were still around (u were still around)

How am I meant to survive this now (survive this now)

I'm so disappointed in who I chose to be (who I chose to be)

I've been havin' nightmares that follow me until I fall asleep


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