As It Is

As It Is - Drowning Deep In Doubt lyrics

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What good is a life when u live it ashamed? I dream just to be halfway

But all I am is the product of wasted effort and best intentions

If the only place I belong is an afterlife that I just can't believe in

At least I'll know I was born so not everyone lives and dies on their own


Whoa, this world I tore apart

Let me drown it deep in doubt

This fire in my heart

Is beginnin' to burn me out

(Verse 2)

What good is a life when u live it alone? I just want to be wanted

We do this while u start wonderin' if disaster is what u're build for

Will slowly learn to accept that I won't have more than a life on the sidelines

Or will I always be dreamin' of likin' life from the darkness alone



It's so hard to feel anythin' but empty

It hurts just to feel anythin' at all

It's so hard to feel anythin' I want to

It hurts just to feel, it hurts just to feel

(Chorus x2)

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