As It Is

As It Is - Cheap Shots & Setbacks lyrics

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You've got everythin' to look up to from the bottom

You've got everyone else to compare yoself against

So forget it, u're forgotten in a world so disenchanted

Always askin', neva knowin' is it just u or everybody else?


We're the kids who are dead inside

But we're the ones who feel alive

We dream cos' we don't sleep

We'll neva get rest, but we got this!

(Verse 2)

It hurts, and they like that

They fight fire with cheap shots and setbacks

They take cloudless thoughts and pristine hearts for granted

So forget them, they've forgotten u already

U can't help, can't help but ask urself

'Is it just me or everybody else?'



I don't need ur cheap shots and setbacks

I'm fuckin' fine so go and take them all back

I don't need ur cheap shots and setbacks


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