A Silent Film

A Silent Film - Sleeping Pills lyrics

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am running from my government

Wanted for the crimes I commit

I left behind all the things that I love

Took a train to the eastern border

Told my daughter I will be back for her

Bought a ticket with no destination.

I see faces everywhere I go

Forced smiles and furrowed brow

Is that a gun or a violin?

I am under the impression that

There is something underneath that hat

Tiny bomb or sleeping pills.

Are you on the wrong side

Are you on the wrong side

Of what is right? And

Are you on the wrong road

Are you on the wrong road

From where you want to be?

Maybe I could turn and face my demons

Tell the suits that I had my reasons

I could take whatever's coming to me

Be a father behind a locked door

Keep your letters in an empty drawer

Whatever happens it's the green mile for me.

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