A Silent Film

A Silent Film - Paralysed lyrics

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I'm paralyzed by the touch of your hand

I'm paralyzed, I have sunk where I stand

Before you look away please show me how

To break out from these chains


I'm paralyzed, I'm still where I hear your voice

I'm paralyzed, I'm free, but I have no choice

I'm paralyzed, close now for the final ______(?)

I'm paralyzed, in the end of this _____(?) show

I'm paralyzed

(Verse 2)

I'm hypnotized by the look in your eyes

I'm mesmerized, I wanna lay down and die

Before you turn away, please show me how to

Break free from this cruise (spin)



I can feel it rising through the smoke

I am turned to stone

An eagle soaring high above

And I am down below


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