A Silent Film

A Silent Film - Julie June lyrics

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ulie June come back to me

I'm not the man I used to be

Julie June I really miss you so

Tell me Julie June where did you go?

I washed the dishes and I cleaned the sink

I'm not as bad as your girlfriends think

I left my rifle with an old wishbone

I sit in corners when I'm on my own

Julie June I taste the tip of your tongue

I sing you songs that have never been sung

I am around you like a light on low

I am with you everywhere you go

I am the creature that crawls into your bed

I am the nightmare that fucks with your head

I am the cold and the creaky floor

I am the knife in your kitchen drawer

Maybe I know what you want; maybe I know what you need

Maybe we've gone too far this time, to taste the air we breathe?

Maybe I know what I want; maybe I know what I need

Come on back to my open arms; give me the air I need to breathe

Julie June I know you've got my back

But I don't really want to see you like that

Still got the keys to my white mustang?

That silver chrome will bring you home

Come home

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