821 - Lobby lyrics

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I put that in that dudu lobby

She know I’m gettin’ money in that lobby

I’m with my niggas cuz they got me

And all my niggas gets to lobby

I fuck your bitch, I fuck your mommy

(your mommy bitch)

Behind that bitch stay on her mommy

I put that in that dudu lobby

She know I’m gettin’ money in that lobby


I pull up on a minute

I pull that trigger and hit that

I fuck that bitch and she say : Ah

She talkin’ crazy, come outside (they come outside)

Shout, shout from that car shit

Shouts out for that bad bitch

I’m so high, let the sun,

I’ll be on that slay master shit

I fuck with pose and I pass it

Double four with that car shit

No I don’t shy shit

If you touch that, then you wil shit

I mean caskey, I mean white shit

Your bitch house where I may be

Direct the shutters like spy Lee

The it’s inspirations like I.B

Don’t, don’t try me

For forty callers may IB

My surely falls he might be

That nightmare to my night dream

Just do it, cuz he do it

Living life, that night team

Nigga I’m sexy, like me, you like to be

Hold me tight, I fuck this beam

I fuck her hard and she stuck with me

Say hold me tight, I fuck this bitch

(I fuck her hard and she stuck with me )



I’m, I’m in it sexy, hard to find me

I only let my problem on me

And my boy beat that body

We hit your wife, shit you know what I mean

He probably even hit your mommy

Gonna gang, show her passy

We bang to hill, you four six

They got it right in that lobby

I’m on the first floor like Bobby

On the left side like Canney

They work so good, might catch your body

I scream to all, I beat the Scotty

On the snook cook, on the snook

Big beal when we roll

Straight hit top with the rolls

My niggas all fleak down to the sol

When I pay it right don’t flow

And I can name my heart cold

When you walk throw, you gotta pay all

Pay all of my bros

Have shots to my floes

Banz all on my clothes

Feel changers like strippers

We poast it up on that post


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