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7L & Esoteric - This Is War lyrics

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[Vinnie Paz Talking] Yeah yeah, it's Vinnie Paz daddy Fuckin' Jedi Mind Tricks 7L ES King Syze, Outerspace AOTP what's the fuckin' deal Yeah, we mob on you muthafuckas Eh yo Warchild, take these muthafuckas to war cousin [Crypt The Warchild] It's the army cocksuckas' abandon shit We spit sharp spot rushes that'll damage cliques Rip hearts squash fucker take a laugh at it Bloody bath activist feel the wrath of Crypt Hungry ass hooligans'll strike passionate Basket case, used to not havin' shit Maskin' tape, used to block passages Until you're forced to stop breathin' on paralysis I'm cancerous cold-blooded battlest Pass the fifth, Hen makes me hazardous You're average, no way to challenge this Ravenous scorchin' fire acidness Every move made precise I'ma strategist Rock the world to the point where it's axisless No point to even learn what a atlas is AOTP get it correct we smash shit [Esoteric] We underground where the roaches at Corrosive explosive like Sosa's bat I'm feelin' like one of baseballs greats in this shit Cuz I make kids purpose second nature to spit Talk shit you got smacked cuz you shouldn't a spoke Now when cats say you real dog they put it in quotes I stay fly aim high like white puttin' up coke We keep shit official like couples that woulda' elope We give the, press the scare like Jason Blair Pharaohs treat you like an infidel so fuckin' say your prayers I snatch up crews line em up like braided hair They cornrows, basically you'd rather face the chair I'ma, mastermind with a, axe to grind Chiro, pratic lines, put ya, back in line Opinionated muthafuckas who got some shit to say They will voice it in the booth like it's election day [Chorus x2: Vinnie Paz] This is war cousin, we got shit on smash 7L ES on a run for the cash Yo this is war daddy, and I'm controllin' the fam Are shit dope like coke without holdin' a gram [King Syze] Yo, some say I'm gifted I write rhymes in less than twenty minutes Impressin' the critiques when I'm boss an apprentice I see the future, within extensive vision I put this fuckin' track in the, intensive division King Syze, to all a y'all in case y'all didn't notice I wrote this, talkin' roaches till my heads swollen I'ma needle in the vein spittin' the daily dosage Like T.O. I scream on encroaches If the game plan ain't goin' my way, I threaten to leave If we leave man the crowd goes to set or to sleep Who's better than me, diamonds'll be testin' the teeth My specialty feast, tell you were the feminists speech A pessimist beast, ya glass is half empty Put the, hang up on paper put ya crowd in a frenzy I could chop off my brain, pass it out to many Only a chosen few would know how to use it dog if any [Planetary] The verb specialist armed and dangerous Ain't happy till I know you feelin' the pain from this Till you bleedin' in buckets we all beef and ruckus We are the fact in rap you ain't gone see nothin' No royalties, no promotion I could talk that shit on front, I got you open Illegal alien floatin' motion is uncontrollable Sorta' like Christ, with the power to snatch souls from you Ya whole spirit collapse ya brain fried Spittin' darts the pharaohs come at you from eight sides Esoteric and Vinnie got semis from Celph Titled Space throw grenades King Syze got the rifles Call Ap, when he react you fallin' back Cheap pack and hop on the next flight to scrap We made it happen now, backpackers go wild Cuz space is the place to put a cramp in your style [Chorus x2]

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