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7L & Esoteric - Terrorist's Cell lyrics

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[Esoteric] Yo, ya-ya-yo-yo... Cats ice grillin' me, fuck em' I buck em' verbally Lookin' for a reason as I'm breezing by security With no one searching me, it's like I'm freezing their palm Taking with me my Koran and my belief in his law Storing a light tool, that's more than a knife fool And an aviation book from a Florida flight school But I could give a fuck about taking off or landing What I really need to know is how to hit this building How to kill American men, women, and children How to take the life of every innocent civilian Ready to fly, but am I ready to die? Am I promised everything that I want, on the other side? 8:03 in loop in terminal C, Logan airport where I'm supposed to be I see the man rippin' mask port, checking passports "Have a nice flight sir" This is our chance, he never took a second glance Am I ready to advance, or live by in a trance The past 30 years of my life have been in camps Trained to kill, in Allah's name in will Livin' in this fountained up state paid the bill [Inspectah Deck] (Clips) Survival got me buggin' [scratch] strugglin' Livin' in the world no different from a cell And I ask what's it worth Livin' in the world no different from a cell [Esoteric] Boarding the plane, my brains borderline insane Train of thought out of wack as I creep around the back of the jet My forehead's wet I keep praying Thinking to myself my next life brings wealth 'Cause this one is nothing but a bump in the road And I'll be going to a better place when something explode As I look around the craft in the plane gets gone I lock eyes with my partners and know that it's on Am I, ready to die for a God I've never seen? (No) Ready to die for an idear or dream (Nah) And I'm looking at life through a wider scope Trying to cope, as my man slice the pilot's throat The plan takes effect and my heart fills with fright Plus these strippers last night had me thinking life is alright I take a look around and see all types of faces Men with suitcases, little girls with braces All kinds of races, panic end up once The plane change it's course, aimed at the source We're a dangerous force, but did I really say we When I don't have the feeling that Allah is really with me I heard a Christian man state that he's afraid of death If he had faked left, he'd be waiting with beta breath kid Now I question my objective, 'cause I'm looking at it from a scientific perspective The same Christian man that was questioning himself Is telling me that I will burn in hell, I told him well that's very place that we dwell, besides the only thing burning is my shell I rebel against the United States and Israel Killing citadels filled with different dells Time tell speaketh to this man I realize I'm pure evil Believing all the hideous lies the people feed to you In fact, I can feel my skin crack I'm fading to black 'cause I brace for impact

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