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7L & Esoteric - Speaking Real Words lyrics

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[Inspectah Deck] Yo.. INS the Rebel, your highness with 7L and Esoteric, speaking real words Speak on it kid! [Esoteric] Yo, I touch the mic like a savage The Esoteradactyl's rap style's beyond average To say the least, I'm slayin beasts with the right plan I'll take your hype man and beat him with the mic stand You're like, "Damn! I better get a resource" I'll overpower three-fourths of your police force You're talkin to a fugitive who'll serve your crew fake his own death and come back to murder you Who raps to the crack of dawn? Who's the droid who destroyed numerous humanoids like atom bombs? You're nothin but a tag-a-long, that I be raggin on 7L's on the cut, while Joe is tappin on the 3000, me I'm just loungin Waitin for a sucker MC to start poundin You know the deal, so check the cassette It's Esoteric and Inspectah Deck, what you expect? [7L cuts and scratches] [Inspectah Deck] Yo, yo, yo I stash heat, creep past police on the beat Keep it movin in the mean streets, I the black sheep Roll deep with the Killa Beez, quick on the squeeze Freeze - nobody move, just hand over the G's Gone with the breeze, everything's peace at ease Now I'm laid back, countin stacks, twistin the trees My rap's scorchin - way beyond third degrees Enemies get blown like autumn leaves Authorities comb the block, I'm peepin they steez After me cause the rhyme's worth about two ki's And double that 'cross seas Fiends buy off the heez, the result's more currencies Them no worry we, I strike em down suddenly Funny how they rush me, must be the money You hate me or you love me, don't ever (fuck) me Trust me, we can make the scene turn ugly [7L cuts and scratches] [Esoteric] I'm like a man posessed that can't confess Yes it's the Es' to bless, wicked test pressed to rest Crab rapper, my raps shatter your wax platter Esoteric's data can stab up the tracks badder My words flow for the, rap cats who rep locally Transmit poetry fit to hit em globally Eso', yes status fresh from the get go Sinister, ready to administer the death blow on rap cats cause I'm takin it back to a time when it was cool to call hip-hop rap Cause I've been rappin, since fly sneakers were cheap since I bought em off Koreans down on Washington Street Since I had a cameo, since I rocked rope chains Since I had gold fronts with the Polo frames Since "Goin' Way Back," since pro black rap Since the Jungle Brothers let me know "I Got it Like That" [7L cuts and scratches to the end]

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