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7L & Esoteric - Speak Now lyrics

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[Intro] "Ladies and gentlemen" [scratching: Vinnie Paz] "Y'all better listen to this" [Verse 1: Vinnie Paz] Yo, yo, I'm Jesus my right hand writes diseases My left hand will strike and fight ya weakness I'm covered in blood wherever the feast is Find me covered in blood wherever police is I'm covered in blood wherever ya niece is I'm covered in mud from burying heaters Vinnie Paz fuck whoever Vinnie Paz pleases Hit you in the chest 'til you don't even know what breathe is We demons, wid bloodlust for heathens Born through a storm on a see wid Galileans In cold regions, we rockin' it well And that's for every fuckin' time I drop in a 'tel And that's for every fuckin' time I'm droppin' a shell And that's for every fuckin' time I pop and you yell Mop you in hell, you motherfuckers can't stop us You more over hype than Eliom Gonsalez [Hook] Aiyyo we speak now, or forever hold our peace A-O-T-P shook rappers call police [scratching] I'm savage, I'm-I'm savage I write rhymes in pitch blackness [x2] [Verse 2: Esoteric] I dump you like candle wax you a waste product like twenty packs I handicap give panic attacks like anthrax You catch a, foreign disease like overseas Fuck borin' emcees I bring Thor to his knees I'm a master like Fard, I bombard and blast hard We thrash thoughts some ask God you bas-tard It's the rap ji-had, you a re-tard I'm rollin' through Islamabad like this is my backyard You ready, I'm heavy like the case of Sandra Levy Tapin' that you crazy seven thirty bug when you actually one eighty, a half way thug Yo my act stay drugged of dope tracks and raps Girls wid nice racks in two hundred dollar hats It's the world I can't escape My brain's curlin' great weight "This shit is sick", yeh I make the greatest hits But I give it every verse I ever spit on one dis Cats talk shit this is what they get A grand prize two black eyes and a busted lip And for being rude we include a brutal beatin' I'll have you eatin' food through a feedin' tube as you retreat [Hook x2] [Apathy talking] Awright awright hold up hold up settle down Listen up you motherfuckers This the last time you gon' hear me like this shit So I'm gon' show you why I'm the king of this shit Apathetic [Verse 3: Apathy] Enhanced tactical fightin' machinery Combattin' on army scenery strategic-ly movin' my mics like Stratego I generate graphics like Neo Geo Flyin' science I incite riots try it's why it's Violence at maximum levels The difference of angels and devils Rectangles and circles, techs fatal to murder Next week I'm famous Great as the latest wid the upper hand like four aces In poker approachin' jokers loc I load and stroke the trigger Thirty eight claibre bullets travel through barrels rippin' through apparel parallel to where medics will sterile scapels dwellin' swellin' organs of felons bullets obliterate melons, with ease Police yell freeze, ease the gun down Under the influence of trees alleyways I run down Pantin' and handlin' mechanical weapons I'm brandishin' Fleein' foreign in areas I camouflage to vanishin' Release the dogs, sounds of hounds pound my eardrums Here comes a fearful doberman poke him in his cerebrum I'm almost free, around the tree I glance advancin' slowly cautiously awkwardly while negotiators talk to me To dark I see the light, but not the squad car It's comin' from the sky bright green, what an odd star The odds are I blast off barely a clip But then I noticed the strange star was an alien ship Just as the bullet grazed my temple, the ship shot out a beam It was green and it paralyzed the whole SWAT team Cops floated in the air and their weapons disassembled I trembled for my metal but I'm frozen in the mental Unaware that I was in control of the ships in the air And how the cops turned if they ever returned if their bodies burn like candles on a mantle in a urn I forced 'em to learn I played God like George Burns

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