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7L & Esoteric - Ring Music lyrics

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[Dusty Rhodes Sample] I am bad and they know I'm bad And there were two bad people One was John Wayne and he's dead brother And the other one's right here Mark this down in ya book daddy There's a big difference Between the legend, and the man And I want you to take a look At what will happen to you Then next time you step in the ring with me Because, as we start to watch this thing I, am the legend You, are the man And there's a mighty big difference between the two [Beyonder] Rock with me y'all Rock with me y'all Rock rock rock with me y'all Bars Of Death y'all 7L y'all ES y'all c'mon c'mon [Esoteric] Chill chill I got this I'ma take the weight myself dog You ain't gotta spot this Y'all playin' a volley game I write a rap spit fire like plower planes Dangerous type connection 7L E to the S it's a rap ring the bell I got the game on lock while you struggle You stayin' up to ya neck in Bills like Bledsoe in the huddle The way I'm flowin' is heat we temp a million and one I'm tryin' to keep a cool head like Ted Williams son I feel ya son, if you do salute the champ Recognize the return and that's the full camp Yo Hawk and Animal hit the ring bring the madness Road Warrior Black Sabbath the Bars Of Death With this mic in my hand I'm like the Legion of Doom comin' out to iron man Understand, it's ya last one so take a breath And pretty up you muthafuckas have got a date with death [Beyonder] Yeah do it 7L, do it, do that shit oh [Esoteric] It goes one for forensics two for the shell Three for my DJ known as 7L ES, I'm back in the verse crackin' the earth Lyrics, lift ya spirit like jackin' a hearse The boys sick, somethin' musta happened at birth He rep the Bean, but he ain't strappin' the curse nope It's in my head no need for pen and pad See my mothers mind makes me one intelligent lad And um, these good looks elements of my dad Chicks be findin' me magnetic like I'm mentally mad Hell invent in the lab nooks like a decayed tooth Demigods Pharaohs I rep the heavy set like Babe Ruth Name twice and battle my team You don't wanna scream and end ya career like Howard Dean do ya I seen through ya, flow like the pattern You can't run no type of game without askin' Madden Put my shit online hit you with enough amp To take down the net like division one champs

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