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7L & Esoteric - Operating Correctly lyrics

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[Mr.Lif talking] Microphone check, Esoeteric & Lif Who could measure, the length or the width Still we make the fuckin' earth shift Check [Lif & (Esoteric)] I get maniacal, on ya parietal, lobes I make my rounds as globes When the ground is cold I hibernate And inspire fate to run it's natural course Propelled by God's actual force Surely you will call that what you battled and lost Call ya dispatch, tell them niggaz it's a mismatch You fell on the blade of Lif's axe (Standby) while ya whole crew gets shanghai'd (The verdict) Lif and Esoteric by landslide (Start a rue) heat 'em up (they ought to cool) I'm not a fool well educated Thus positivity is underrated In an ignorant world few related So sometimes, I run rhymes through bloodlines Makin' sure my vinyl plate gets spun on platelets [Hook:] (Rappers wanna battle when ya know that we're deadly) (Es-E-Esoteric) "operating correctly" If you wanna bring it you can swing it directly It's Mister Lif, "operating correctly" (You can try and front and try and disrespect me) (On the cut is 7L) "operating correctly" Dj's and emcees who wanna come test we Lif and Esoteric, "operating correctly" [Esoteric & (Lif)] I hand deliver this, carnivorous verse Legal rappers live wid this you can't get rid of this Mad potent (experiment for the moment) Raise to a higher power like an exponent My moment of truth's infinite, I'm omnipotent Rippin' it, up perfect malice of the cut What (is it that you plan to do) (When Mister Lif and Esoteric manhandle you) Ya fans and ya crew (they're one and the same) Waitin' for a sucka lame still stuck in the game So tuck in ya chain kid you got nothin' to gain Must be lovin' the pain and want one to the frame Cause I'll cut up ya brain and draw blood from ya veins The residence of the king crabs go up in flames (Some say steppin' to us is fuckin' insane) Like jumpin' off a train go into buckets of change You'll get maimed [Hook] [Lif] If the sun dies out I'll write by saturn's lantern Searchin' for the truth in caverns A physical man fightin' phantoms Sinkin' in the ocean by leagues and fathoms A watery grave for an honorin' slave Massa always told him that he ought to behave Eternal conflict of power in the hands of man Prepare for the life of the damned [Esoteric] I brainwash cats like paraldehyde so they shall abide My style drives through the valley side Where I'm pervious to genocide The superhuman robbin' enterprise We pen-alize men who spread the lies You better rise, I'm throwin' jab hooks at the plaintiff Dangerous, ne-farious, how I paint this, scenario Time to steamroll, mash the place Raps thrash the base and leave wack cats deceased [Hook]

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