7L & Esoteric

7L & Esoteric - One Six lyrics

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[7L scratching] "Ladies and gentlemen" .. "it's about that time" "Put your-your-your-your hands together" "We bout to bring him out!" [Esoteric] Yo, I'ma read it to y'all, like it was read to me We the was, the is, and the end to be 7-L, E-S! A new era, for rap terror Turn me up Ray, yo.. Cats say they strapped like they ready to blast Realistically they strapped, meaning needing some cash Claim you wet, fourth element to keep it real But when I spit ill you feel like a fifth wheel I rip steel, kids peeled like burnt skin Many tried to copy Esoteric but weren't him Somethin bout the way I use breaks and loops Take steaks, make 'em into boots Break up groups like cash issues Tomahawk cruise missiles rip through your tissue, endin your life Dem is some nice flowers that I'm sendin your wife Attemptin to fight, point is like a bendable knife Comin at me sideways, at the (?) That's how crabs move, bad move I am hip-hop, so if I ever bite a line I'm only takin back what's rightfully mine, motherfucker! Just a little taste, so strap on that neck brace One-six.. yo, 7L ("E-S", "E-S") ("The way they lace the beat like, one of the best") ("The way they lace the beat like, one of the best")

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