7L & Esoteric

7L & Esoteric - My Rhyme Pt Ii lyrics

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MY RHYME... OH, OH, OH, OH [Esoteric:] Awaken my conscience with my rhyme by my side My name is Esoteric and I'm all the way live Me and my rhyme so exact, we always on the attack We be blindin competition like we was a cataract Oh yes a deadly combination, a rappin sensation Me and my rhyme are kings of creation A dynamic duo, a titanic tandem We never liked our boss (SO WHAT'D YOU DO?) we canned him We rock the mic at 11 tonight So we step to Lafeyette to get some gear that is tight And after that we hit the court for some one on one It doesn't matter who wins, because it's only for fun Me and my rhyme we hit the shower, before we hit the stage To rock the microphone and leave the crowd in a daze And when we're done with that we hittin Wendy's in Lindh Cause the drive-through's open til 4 A.M. MY RHYME! [echoes]

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