7L & Esoteric

7L & Esoteric - Mic Mastery lyrics

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[Esoteric] Yo, yo,yo I weave a tapestry strike rapidly and magically Alter battle rap habitats automatically You back down, I change your background like Photoshop My oratory inventory's overstocked I'm ripping the track, djs are enjoying it "Cutting it up, and completely destroying it" Ambidextrous, yo you must be on a deathwish Stepping to this, I'm venemous I'll leave you breathless I spat words, waxed and taxed herbs Your raps absurd, backs get fractured, My crack a shell, bag your mademoiselle Take the cake then I break like a bat out of hell You fuck with Esoteric catch a capital L Lock horns with 7L, son there's none parallel You need a beat to flow to? You're lucky if your said Hello to Bitch-ass crab I thought I told you "Known to be the master in the M.C. field" "Make way, 'cause here I come" "Known to be the master in the M.C. field" "Cover every angle on the mic, I'm killin'" It's Esoteric kid, yeah that's whose spitting Ask Lew dipping in the back, brew sipping I spit hot shit when wack crew ripping It even leaves the ink on your tattoo dripping Crab cat talk about how your seeing gats The only metal you hold is the one for being wack The only battle you've been in is the one you reinact Talking trash from the back like a sneak attack I'm strictly biz cause I'm going where Parrish went You ain't wack, you's a fucking embarrassment I'm making sense like your last record's total sales I spoke in brail, you felt it so much That you left with broken nails When packing a jam, harrassing the fans for not clapping their hands Cuz you ain't dope you just a flash in the pan Like coke to a crack dealer bagging a gram I rock a fitted cap, can't deal with little straps Strictly big guns when it comes to ripping tracks I ain't sweating sales, dub this for your crew Cuz once they hear the rhymes they're gonna want the cover too [Hook x2] Yo I take command crushing all my enemies, breaking their hands A giant avalanche quaking your fam The mic killer, I bring doom ripping buffons Rhymes expand like the womb in delivering rooms Too gory, these kids split Whigs like a Tory More importantly I bring the 4th degree of sorcery Orally, forgery authorities report to me Quarterly, the way I corner borders be like Normandy I'm ornery, words turn, as your verse squirms like an earthworm First learn, churches burn as worlds turn Predicaments, make your ligaments of no significance I'm speaking real words kid your speaking ignorance I must insist, it's tough to feel dissed By a rap group I don't even know exists What you maggots hope to say, could never serve Shay The only wax you put out was candles on your birthday [Hook x2]

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