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7L & Esoteric - Knockout (Victory Lap) lyrics

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Yeah... hahahaha Bars of Death, Vinyl Thug Music, all that good shit.. Bring in the drums! We got comin to the ring tonight (bring him out son) The undisputed heavyweight champ (bring him out son!) Twenty-five and oh, 25 by knockout motherfucker It's my boy Esoteric, say somethin [Esoteric] For my soldier to spit the sick, the lunatic Military drum, bust through lungs, that sound like guns I roll up, on dirt balls like a dustpan Have 'em hiding in their own city like that Cubs fan It's true, Shay changed, the man is berzerk Make like Pedro and throw your manager in the dirt Yo the fire never died, it just burned inside me Saw "Kill Bill," now I'm filming "Kill Bill O'Reilly" F'real, I feel, I deserve a badge of honor For rippin asses block to block like Cappadonna My flow be like water dog, inflating the pockets And like sick fans, stores ain't afraid to stock it/stalk it I'm still hungry, plus original The only bars that I bite are made of chocolate Es-trogen make y'all extra femme Spittin two hot lines but the rest is phlegm 7L, E-S, got that special blend Rock buttons up, not from Express for Men Put the mic down - that's what we recommend Design the rhyme with the mind/mine y'all blessed with gems [Chorus] Aiyyo break 'em (bust 'em) kill 'em (crush 'em) Y'all ain't built for this rap shit (fuck 'em) Y'all get killed for that madness (true) The time is now, the boondocks comin through [Esoteric] Cats say they bust clips in the whip when they floss Only time they blast heat's when they hit the defrost Facin Es, you know that make no sense Like the Celts tradings Antoine for Raef LaFrentz I spit an avalanche of images, river of blood Women in tubs, sippin bub, peep a sinister mug They selling 12 step therapies, under the assumption My function's to operate on fear and consumption But, I get daps when I spit my rap With more Pats on my back than New England sacks You say you "Die Hard" just like that famous actor But couldn't do it if you overdosed on Viagra You're no factor, you work for free and fail While I'm paid to be outstanding like police on detail Think about it while the competition plummet I kill for the sport like hunting on a full stomach [Chorus] [Outro] Oh shit! He's done ladies and gentlemen First round, knockout, knock out motherfuckers flat on the floor Didn't I tell you? This shit is crazy son, crazy son! Esoteric, 7L, Bars of Death This shit is a wrap money, it's a wrap!!

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